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[also known as The Academy of Experimental Arts]

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As a Public-Benefit Trust, the central activity of The AeA is a continuously evolving and always ongoing Global Program of Networking, Facilitation and Empowerment of all sorts of inter-connections and endeavours amongst stakeholders of all description in the domain of e-Creative Practices and Technologies.

As such, The AeA is itself a stake-holder in much that cannot be called it's own,.. and it is often happily invisible in being so.

On the other hand, amongst programs The AeA owns are the following (more via the links on the right):



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P U B L I C:

The AeA has thus far presented 7 annual iterations of "The Carnival of e-Creativity" (CeC, pron. Sek, see links above right), the first three of which were played out as "The Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave" (CeC & CaC, pron. Sek & Sak), in league with and across several venues of India International Centre, New Delhi (2006 through 2008). CeC has since then been played out at Sattal Estate, in the Lower Himalaya of Kumaon (Uttarakhand, India || 2009 through 2012)

These are largely public incidents that bring together cutting-edge experimental Creative Practitioners of all description from around India and the world, within the framework of a sort of peer-group conclave, wherein everybody who is formally scheduled to present or perform is expected to bring something absolutely new to the table.

To view some press coverage of the incident in 2008, which was its last year in Delhi, go here

"Research & Innovation Ashram #001" was notionally launched early-2012, upon a small plot of land in Petunia village, near Sattal/Bhimtal/Nainital, in the Lower Himalaya of Kumaon (Uttarakhand, India)

This a concept we had tabled in the public domain late-2006, in service of the greater public good for countries such as India. And, whereas our own attempt to manifest the concept on the ground may never be everything we would wish it to be, the basic concept itself is something we warmly encourage almost anybody and everybody to look to invent and implement their own versions of, for themselves and their communities, almost anywhere and everywhere

The AeA is also engaged upon establishment of a global convergence centre for e-Creative Practitioners and Change-agents, and always looking for partners and supporters to initiate a substantial program for surveying and benchmarking of the burgeoning unorganized sectors of public technology-education in India and several other parts of the world.

A R C H I V E S & G A Z E T T E S:

The IDEA [Indian Documentary of Electronic Arts] is a very simple creative sharing matrix for e-Creative Practitioners and associated individuals & organizations from all over the world to share their works, visions, aspirations, experiments and communiqués, etc. on a common platform that can be distributed, retrieved and archived for the future.

Almost 1,000 copies of each CD-Gazette of The IDEA are distributed free to identified e-artists and associated individuals & organizations all over the world through the six month period following individual publication (leftovers are available for purchase after this).

The 7 gazettes issued so far are also now hosted online by the e-music pioneer & composer (and Special Advisor to The AeA) Laurie Spiegel, at

The IDEA series of CD-gazettes and the overall archive of original materials that the project has gathered on CDs and DVDs since 1999 are now reckoned by several people in the know to be "one of the most significant historical archives of the worldwide digital arts movement available anywhere in the early twenty-first century."

Originally an independent project of the Managing Trustee of The AeA in his private capacity, The IDEA and it's archives are mentored and stored by The AeA since January 2005.

To read a small article on the archive, which appeared in the 'Art Cart' column of The Indian Express, April 29, 2008, go here.

F E L L O W S H I P S:

The AeA offers residential fellowships on a case-by-case basis to e-Creative Practitioners and associated Individuals developing outstanding independent projects. The underpinning principle of the Fellowship is to offer e-Creative change-agents an opportunity to get close to "who we all are as human beings, even as we look to transform ourselves," and will therefore normally comprise residency in some appropriate outpost of rural India.

Accordingly, the first Fellowship Residence is "The 2nd Last Resort" at Sattal, in the lower Kumaon area of the Himalayan Indian state of Uttarakand (above, during construction, and presently on loan to The AeA). It is a simple open-plan cottage, located within walking distance of a small town (Bhimtal) and several little lakes suitable for swimming, fishing and some boating (Sattal actually means Seven Lakes). Whereas Fellows are normally expected to carry their own equipment, a basic media-lab is set up as and when required, and there is an abundance of hand-tools always available.

N O T E: [i] Fellows in Residence are expected to also engage themselves at some level during their tenures in mentoring children of lesser-privileged communities in the neighbourhood (e.g. by presenting occasional 'Awareness Modules' as referred to under 'Grassroots' below). [ii] Individual Fellows may also be hosted in other suitable accomodation in the neighbourhood, or even entirely elsewhere in grassroots India, on a case-by-case basis with appropriate and ample prior notice. [iii] Fellowships will NOT normally include any travel-grant or other cash-support.

Only one Fellowship Residency is normally offered in this particular cottage in any one year, for any 1-3 months between June-October. Applications completed in all respects must reach The AeA's mailing address at anytime before the beginning of the particular year applied for to be considered.

The Fellowship Application Form can be downloaded here. Please do not worry that it has not been updated awhile.

D I P L O M A S:

The AeA will issue Diplomas to individuals completing outstanding guided-research or project-development on any aspect or stream of e-Creative Practice under its guidance and supervision.

Certificates may in certain cases be issued to individuals completing other works for, or on behalf of, The AeA.

N O T E: Guidance-fees may be charged in some cases. However, The AeA does not set out to be an educational institution with regular classes and courses.

Diploma aspirants and Certificate aspirants are invited to contact The AeA directly for all further information.

G R A S S R O O T S:

The AeA presents basic 'Awareness Modules' in various circumstances, to promote e-Creative awareness, aspiration and imagination.

Individual projects suggested by participants may be mentored to completion by The AeA on a case-by-case basis.

**Singers and Musicians will be encouraged and mentored to record and master finished works using The AeA's facilities, on an ongoing case-by-case basis.

N O T E: Whereas The AeA normally develops and presents Awareness Modules as a free public service, it also accepts invitations to do so for a fee, as and where appropriate.

Potential Associates, Supporters and Benficiaries are invited to contact The AeA directly for all further information.

mail address: B-5&6/4563 Vasant Kunj,. New Delhi - 110 070 (INDIA)