The Academy of Electronic Arts
[also known as The Academy of Experimental Arts]

South Korean Roadshow 2014
(Arts & Culture Roadshow to NE India, July 06-15, 2014)
Programmed from The Research & Innovation Ashram - Guwahati
Rukmini Nagar || Guwahati || Assam || North-East INDIA

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People on the Road:
Soojung Kwak, Hyeamin Cho, Jaerock Park, Wonchoel Park, Jungyou Choi, Hyungdo Kim, Onyou Oh, Jihoon Choi, Nathalie Shin, Jeongsun Yang, Sunkwan Kwon, Mok-Yeon Yoo, Hyungmin Moon, Dokyun Kim (KDK), Anna (Junghyun) Park, Shankar Barua, Shazeb Shaikh

Local Creative Partners & Collaborators:
Rupjyoti Ojah, Pranami Bordoloi, Lueit Parashar Hazarika, Neha Parashar, Manju Rajak, Damang Syngkon & Team, Yvonne Syiem, Benedict Skhemlang Hynniewta & Team, Christina Wanniang & Students, Harekrishna Talukdar & Team, Musicians of the village of Wahkhen,.. and so many others.

Coordinated by:
Shankar Barua, The Academy of Electronic Arts, India
Nathalie Boseul Shin, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, South Korea

The article below--in The Assam Tribune, North East India's largest circulation English daily,--was just one alert that appeared in the local media before the visit.

The next article below, also in The Assam Tribune, appeared after we sent word out end-November 2014 about the catalog that was the first public creative outcome of the Roadshow,..
but it wrongly gives the impression that The AeA alone was responsible for the catalog. In fact, the catalog was produced by our South Korean collaborator, Total Museum of Contemporary Art

Finally, the following images are a few snapshots from the pages of the catalog

The Routing

Enroute Cherrapunji / Sohra

South Korean Drone paints light into the Shillong night sky, over Laitumkrah

Bus-Drivers included, but, Shazeb left out

A participant's pages

A participant's pages

A participant's pages

A participant's pages

A participant's pages

A participant's pages

A participant's pages

Images from Assam

Images from Meghalaya

Enroute Cherrapunji (left), and, at the river below Wahkhen (right)

Shazeb's game (left), and, a visiting artist's embroidered impressions (right)

Mok-Yeon Yoo cooked up Korean curry for friends on several occasions

Mok-Yeon Yoo meals (left), and, the game he made for the trip (right)

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