Presented by:

The Academy of
Electronic Arts


India International Centre

Exploring the Edge
India International Centre, New Delhi

Conference Room #1
Saturday, January 06, 2018
9am to 8pm

A dense and intense one-day peers-level conference, for which
Primary Participants are being assembled from
a quite wide variety of streams of human endeavour,
to each deliver a brief presentation,
and also field questions from the gathering.

Presentations will ideally each cover the cutting edge
of the respective individual's own work and focus,
and also place it in context
with information about similar - and/or related - works
being done by others around the country and the world.

No fee will be charged from anybody to participate in any way.
And, doors will be open to all.
However, there is a limit of about 80-100 seats in total.



The Academy of Electronic Arts (also known as The Academy of Experimental Arts) is a private entity that serves as a learning, sharing, mentoring, networking, benchmarking, empowering and broadly inclusive, but non-educational, institution.
India International Centre, considered one of the country’s premier cultural institutions, is a non-government entity widely regarded as a place where statesmen, diplomats, policymakers, intellectuals, scientists, jurists, writers, artists and members of civil society meet to initiate the exchange of new ideas and knowledge in the spirit of international cooperation. Its purpose, stated in its charter, was ‘to promote understanding and amity between the different communities of the world’.

And of course, all possible goodwill, association and support
is invited and welcomed from all quarters