The Academy of Electronic Arts
[also known as The Academy of Experimental Arts]


The AeA used to be a Private Trust from 2005 through 2017, with a formal 'Board of Trustees', as well as an 'official' Panel of Advisors. However, it was never a Public Trust.

Today, The AeA is a Private Entity managed mainly by Shankar Barua, who has in any case managed it almost alone ever since the beginning, earlier as Founder & Managing Trustee. Shankar is an artist, writer, musician, thinker, based in New Delhi and the Lower Himalay of Kumaon, in India (email)

Those who served various lengths of time as Trutees of The AeA over the period it was a Private Trust
 Karamjeet Singh (Film/Video Professional and Himalay Specialist), Mohit Satyanand (Entrepreneur, Investor, and Philanthropist), Sanjay Chatterjee (Travel Professional and Himalay Specialist), Poonam Barua (Public Affairs Professional), Nishant Pagare (Film-maker & Production Specialist), Shazeb Shaikh (Advertising Professional and Arts Curator)

Advisors to The AeA over the period it was a Private Trust [with some still engaged, and some others not listed here] have included:
Lawrence Casserley, Martin Gotfrit, Joel Chadabe, Laurie Spiegel, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, Melvin Strawn, John Antoine Labadie, Tom Chambers, Nainita Desai, Joe Nalven


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S. Korea Roadshow ~ 2014
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Research & Innovation Ashrams
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The Idea of The IDEA, 2006

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