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IIC - Conference Room #2, Saturday, August 19, '06
2:30pm to 5:30pm & 6:30pm onwards
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The Academy of
Electronic Arts

You are cordially invited to join us for an informally interactive curtain raiser and collective-thinking jag for CeC & CaC 2007, organized & presented by India International Centre & The Academy of Electronic Arts

Featuring overviews of The Indian Documentary of Electronic Arts (The IDEA) the Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave (CeC & CaC) and various streams of e-Creative Practice around the world

Including screening of works from globally recognized e-Creative Practitioners such as Istvan Horkay, Lawrence Casserley, Tibor Kovacs-egri, Igor Stromajer & Brane Zorman, Uly Paya, Nate Pagel, Joel Chadabe, Zazie & others
>> 2:30pm to 5:30pm (also see late entries overleaf)

With electroacoustic demo-performances by Shankar Barua & Ashim Ghosh
>> 6:30pm onwards


special thanks to lawrence casserley & lalsawmliani "teteii" tochhawng & poonam barua & others

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*A networking tea-break will
bridge the two sessions

**Guests who might kindly
desire to share their own
e-Creative works with the
gathering are encouraged to
reach out well in advance to
Shankar Barua
telfax: 91-11-26899930


[Dancing about Architecture]
Expected Addendum ~ Afternoon Session
Conference Room #2, August 19, 2006

Preliminary report of a colloquium addressing assessment, motivation, and interdisciplinary link-ups of multiple media arts projects and ideas, including the seemingly improbable. This project arises from observations of artists gathered together in various global media festivals, that media arts at the cutting-edge are inescapably multidisciplinary, requiring comprehension, and collaborators.

*To attend the prior meetings of this colloquium contact Jean A Lee.

A project of the CTI, Seoul based project group
LEE Jean A ~ Colloquium Director, Dance Dramaturgy
Nathalie Boseul SHIN ~ Media Art Curator, Storyteller
CHANG Jae Ho ~ Composer, Sound Artist
LEE Kyoung Yi ~ Interactive Media Designer
YANG Seung Hee ~ Choreographer & Director

**An extra presentation is also expected from
Korean media artist Yangachi


Supported by Arts Council Korea

Mohit Satyanand (India)
Mohit Satyanand is Chairman of Teamwork Films, which promotes the Indian performing arts and cinema across the world. He is also an educational entrepreneur, mountain dweller, trekker and photographer. In 1987, he founded Nukkad, a program to work with street children in and around New Delhi railway station. Now called Salaam Baalak Trust, the program caters to the needs of some 5,000 underprivileged children every year. In 1995, he co-founded Friends of Music, a platform to promote innovative music in Delhi. Between 1989 and 1996, he was a prolific TV producer and documentary film-maker. Today he works primarily as a strategic management adviser, and in promoting the causes of economic and civil liberty.

Presenters & Delegates:

Shankar Barua
Shankar Barua has been networking e-Creative Practices and Practitioners around the world for several years. His own own works as an e-Creative Practitioner range mainly through music, imaging and some video, all "on a side-burner", and have been featured in various exhibitions, events and entities in various countries. Over the years of his variegated career, he has written texts for three books, authored innumerable newspaper and magazine articles and columns, pursued photography through advertising, adventure-travel and 'art', exhibited and sold photographs, paintings, pen-&-ink & also digital works, illustrated newspaper articles, book-covers and an entire children's book, worked fulltime in executive and editorial positions, and also launched and for some time run a corporate & institutional networking company together with his wife, Poonam. He is Managing Trustee of The Academy of Electronic Arts, Special Advisor to Public Affairs Management, The Electronic Music Foundation and EMF-Institute, Co-Curator and also Archives & Documentation Associate of the Thailand Media Art Festival, and Honorary Committee Member of the Digital Art Guild and Museum of the Living Artist International Digital Exhibition 2006, and has been a speaker and course-advisor to a couple of top institutions. The few relatively 'major' public arts-events that he has conceptualized, organized and (always) participated in through life thus far "have each been founded upon impulsive personal responses to various circumstances of the time".

LEE Jean A
Ms. Jean A LEE is an educator and creator as a script writer and dramaturge for performing arts especially dance. She graduated from the Arts Administration department of the Korean National University of Arts in 2002, and has taught production and theoretical classes for young choreographers since 2004. Chance brought her into making dance performances successfully in 2005. And now she has many works with mid-career choreographers in Korea, U.S.A. and Europe. She is also interested in integrating art forms in the media art field, and its management. And it is as a result of this that her associates and she will show the workshop residency project [Dancing about Architecture].

Ashim Ghosh
Ashim Ghosh is a multiple media expert and educator, with interventions ranging from multi-channel audio design, to international corporate communications, video and photography. He has traveled widely, across India and across the world, having exhibited and performed globally. His recent photographic work - Home Street Home : images of poverty - engages with and problematises captioned photojournalism, while opening up a dialogue on the power hierarchies of languages. Ashim's ongoing audiovisual work on masculinity has come together in a solo performance - The Missing Ling : perspectives on masculinity - with live music, original songs and imagery. Ashim now mostly lives in Kumaon, and claims to have hung on to his inimitable sense of humour in these dark times

Nathalie Boseul Shin
Nathalie Boseul Shin is curator, exhibition team manager, storyteller, writer, project manager. She begam her professional career as a curator at the Lotte Art Center in 1998, and then from 1999 to 2000 for '21C young artists group', when she curated "flag art festival" in the Yeouido Public Park, and "Coal Mine Exhibition" in Gohan Coal Mine Village, with over 100 artists from Korea and Japan. Her media based career started in 2000 as one of the starting members of Art Center Nabi,, where she organized symposiums and exhibitions until 2002. She also organized the media performing event "Audio-Visual Matrix" at this time, and has been Exhibition Team Manager of <media_city Seoul>, while also organizimg exhibitions as an independent curator for shows, events, workshops and symposia manifested in various countries.Her primary interests lie in media education, digital sublime and community programs, and she is presently preparing another independent project closely connected with media art archiving and community, while also serving as advisor nd curator to the Loop Media Space in Seoul.

Chang Jae Ho
Jaeho Chang is a composer and sound artist. He is currently directing the Music Technology program at the Korean National University of Arts (KNUA) as an assistant professor. His music pieces including both acoustic and lectroacoustic works have been performed at many concerts and festivals such as ICMC and SICMF(Seoul International Computer Music Festival). His multimedia nstallation works have been exhibited at renowned galleries in Korea such as Leeum and Art Center Nabi. He studied musical composition at Seoul National University in Korea and electro acoustic music (Sonology) at Royal Conservatory in The Hague, The Netherlands.
Recent interests for Dancing about Architecture> His recent interest is to create new integrated language among Music, fine art, design, architecture, dance, theatre, engineering, phisics, mathmatics so on as many as majors could be, by interdiciplinary way build a making 'Art As Platform' as a advanced form of interactive media art as like a 'Web 2.0' represents opening and participation . It is also main idea of [Dancing about architecture].

YANG Seung Hee
Born in Seoul Korea and educated theatre directing and acting at Seoul institute of the arts, Seung-hee Yang is a choreographer and performing arts director. He moved to Greece where he started working as a professional dancer and choreographer all around the world in 1997. He moved to the Netherlands and developed his choreographic vision and world wide communication at European Dance Development Center in 2000. He gained M.A form Dance Unlimited School major in choreography course in 2004. Meanwhile he researched improvisation and open formed composition he was interested in how spirituality comes to body expression through movement and how to symbiosis dance and media as a natural organ(body) and virtual system(computer). In his remarkable work <Transform(2004)> he kept his idea. Recently he teaches at the Korean National University of Arts, Chung Ang University and so forth.
Recent interests for Dancing about Architecture> As he has been interested in how intergrates dance and media, he wants to develpe this idea further with others as researching with which kind of algorithm how sybiosis between human being and computer. Also with ordinary equipment how to improve the usage enriched when we show our study results on stage.

YANA (LEE Kyoung Yi)
Kyoung Yi LEE is a Dong-Ah Broad Casting Colledge posting Professor, Yana design president, and Graphic designer. She is currently working with her new name YANA. YANA stands for 'You Are Not Alone' from Shakespeare' sonnet- 'though single wilt prove none' as she interprets the meaning is 'being alone has no meaning'. She believs her creating talants are for the future people represented by the method of her designs. She has been interested how to use interactive design tools for performing arts.
Recent interests for Dancing about Architecture> Using her recent invention 'auto composer', she wants to intergrate interactive performance.

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