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POST-EVENT: Some Images
Other images may be added later
NID Students' Reports ~ Curator's Closing-Report ~ Some Reactions ~ Some Images

Some of the survivors celebrating after the event
from left: Brane Zorman, Bacchus Barua, Poonam Barua, Zazie, Nathalie Boseul Shin,
Shankar Barua, Lawrence Casserley, Aparna Panshikar, Igor Stromajer, Basak Senova, Beat Brogle

Prof. Dr. Hannes Leopoldseder delivering the first visitor-presentation

Aditya Dev Sood inadvertently invokes the Gods as a by-product of his presentation

Amaar Abbas & Ashhar Farooqui go for the essence

Brane & Igor modulating emotions

Where's that Lunch?

View of the exhibition put up in the IIC Main Gallery by
the post-graduate 2nd year batch of New Media Students from NID, Ahmedabad

Another view of the exhibition

Milindo Taid and some of the NID students responsible for the gallery exhibition

Marc Lee's 'Open News Network' installation gets the once over (gallery-foyer)

Lawrence Casserley with Aparna Panshikar

Lawrence Casserley with Aparna Panshikar

Aparna solos a traditional work with tabla-vaadak Durjay Bhaumik

Lawrence solos solo

Basak Senova

Nathalie Boseul Shin

Curtis Bahn presents Tomie Hahn

Lecture-room, Day-1


Kriti Pant, Chayan Adhikari & Bacchus Barua prepare for the first performance of CeC & CaC 2006.

Chayan Adhikari, Kriti Pant & Bacchus Barua try to figure out what on earth the computer is meant for~:o)

Lawrence points to the future while Igor does a quick GPS-check to make sure he's on the right planet, and Basak wonders how come she's so far from Istanbul so late in the evening

Beat Brogle, Brane Zorman & Nathalie Boseul Shin wait to be beamed up and out

Lawrence buys himself a ticket to someplace else

Igor teaches Bax to smile with eyes crinkled

A group of people entirely uniformed of the incident, whom Marc Lee chanced upon
while tarvelling through Rajasthan after CeC & CaC 2006


Participant support:

Embassy of Austria
Pro-Helvetia Arts Council of Switzerland
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Turkey
some Participants Themselves
Italian Embassy Cultural Institute
Intima Virtual Base
NOMAD Project Channel
... and others


Lalsawmliani Tochhawng (IIC) Shankar Barua (The AeA)

Ground Coordination

Niru Singh (Media & Communications Professional / Delhi)
Anuradha Pathak (Artist & Arts Researcher / Delhi)

Volunteer Co-Hosts & Co-Presenters

Bacchus Barua (Student / Delhi University)
Devyani Arya (Student / NID)
Shweta Grampurohit (Student / NID)
Basangauda Inamdar (Student / NID)
Pallavi Kulkarni (Student / NID)
Lakshmi Kumar (Student / NID)
Ruchira Parihar (Student / NID)
Ruta Potnis (Student / NID)
Arul Prabhu (Student / NID)
Gayatri Sathe (Student / NID)
Abhishek Shrivastava (Student / NID)
Eva (Student / NID)
Hitesh Gusani (MD, Cybertec Studios / Mumbai)

Infrastructure & Technical (IIC)

Suresh Pal
Jugal Kishore
... & others

Back-up & Security (The AeA)

Deepak Thapa

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