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Presented by:


The Academy of
Electronic Arts

CeC & CaC is The Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave.
Being, in 2006, a modest first iteration of what is intended to become an annual series of public events,
deploying an exploratory and widely-inclusive canvas of participation & content from India and the world,
addressing the Creative Empowerment of Individuals by the burgeoning spread of Technology
across multiple streams of Creative Human Endeavour.

CeC is the Carnival of e-Creativity
a Public Forum
themed "Touch-e Feel-e" for 2006.

The event will be largely open to the public, and visitors are encouraged to bring along their own laptops, multimedia phones, D-cameras, music keyboards and so on to launch breakout sessions with their own works in the Gandhi-King Plaza and the Annexe rear-garden.

CaC is the Change-agents Conclave
a closed-door Peer Forum within the larger event
themed "Quo Vadis?" for 2006.

Largely about discourse, sharing, exchanges and networking, formally within a scheduled event on the first day of CeC & CaC (Jan. 27), but hopefully also to continue through the rest of the course of the larger event, informally on the sidelines.

Participant support:

Embassy of Austria
Pro-Helvetia Arts Council of Switzerland
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Turkey
some Participants Themselves
Italian Embassy Cultural Institute
Intima Virtual Base
NOMAD Project Channel
... and others


Lalsawmliani Tochhawng (IIC) Shankar Barua (The AeA)

Ground Coordination

Niru Singh (Media & Communications Professional / Delhi)
Anuradha Pathak (Artist & Arts Researcher / Delhi)

Volunteer Co-Hosts & Co-Presenters

Bacchus Barua (Student / Delhi University)
Devyani Arya (Student / NID)
Shweta Grampurohit (Student / NID)
Basangauda Inamdar (Student / NID)
Pallavi Kulkarni (Student / NID)
Lakshmi Kumar (Student / NID)
Ruchira Parihar (Student / NID)
Ruta Potnis (Student / NID)
Arul Prabhu (Student / NID)
Gayatri Sathe (Student / NID)
Abhishek Shrivastava (Student / NID)
Eva (Student / NID)
Hitesh Gusani (MD, Cybertec Studios / Mumbai)

Infrastructure & Technical (IIC)

Suresh Pal
Jugal Kishore
... & others

Back-up & Security (The AeA)

Deepak Thapa

mail address: B-5&6/4563, Vasant Kunj,. New Delhi - 110 070 (INDIA)