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The 9th annual Carnival of e-Creativity (CeC 2015) was played out in Shillong, capital city of the magical North East Indian state of Meghalaya, through May 01-02-03, 2015 (a Friday-Saturday-Sunday).

May 01 & 02 in and around the conferencing facilities of the Indian Council for Social Science Research - North East Regional Centre (ICSSR-Nerc), within the beautifully forested campus of North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU).

May 03 in the KJP Assembly Conference Centre Hall; in the heart of town; just a short walk out of Police Bazaar; bang opposite the District Library.

To know more about this series of incidents, please browse through the pages of earlier iterations, via the links to the left of this text.


:::: Images ::::
(all images shot on phones by Shazeb Shaikh and Shankar Barua)


Early arrivals out on a walk near NEHU, a day before CeC 2015, hunting for bamboo to be used in an installation by Harsha Vardhan Durugadda and Karan Gurung

A bunch of Primary-Participants sets out on the short trudge from the ICSSR Guesthouse to the main building right next door, Day 1

The main venue of CeC 2015, Days 1 & 2, was in the conferencing facility on the top floor of the ICSSR-Nerc building, in Nehu

Setting up the main conference room. There were 2 other rooms too; one utilized for the CeC 2015 screenings-segment, curated by Wlfried Agricola de Cologne, the other for an initial installation by Harsha Vardhan Durugadda and Karan Gurung

Anpu Varkey let us all in on some of the secrets of her incredible street cat, as well as some of the other wild imaginings she's been known to massively paint across public walls all over India

Jaya Ramchandani sharing some of the stories of The Story of Light festival, that she'd recently curated in Goa.

Jobin Vijayan delightfully presented the Robotic-Guitar he'd finally completed through a solid slog just the night before, applying the Arduino paradigm that he professionally represents in India

Soham Sarkar shared some of the augmented-reality and live video visions, ideas, and triumphs, that he's been exploring and achieving over the past few years, along with Snehali Shah, as the Transhuman Collective

Prominent local visual artist Benedict Skhemlang Hynniewta shared how he sets out to represent his cultural history and milieu through some of his painting

A section of the participants Days 1 & 2

The screenings-segment of CeC 2015, an astounding collection originally curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne as Cologne OFF 2015 - the 10th Cologne International Videoart Festival

Abhinav Mishra and Vinay Hasija surprised quite a few good folks with how close they play to the cutting-edge of technology-based creativity

Freeman Murray shared creativity lifestyle mantras, enacting an abbreviated run-through of his own daily routine, including meditation, as well as several pop-up performances in other situations through all 3 days, on a powered-unicycle

Harshvardhan Kadam opted instead for a 2-point lifestyle

Ritika Singh glances over at a part-screening of one of her music videos, in the course of her presentation with Tritha Sinha

There was key natter happening on the sidelines of the conference room

.. and, natter in the guesthouse

  There were entire jam-sessions too in the evenings, in the committee-room of the guesthouse

... whilst some got experimentally constructive in their rooms

Then, there were great meals in town

... and at least one fantastic dhaba-style local lunch for some, too

There were beautiful walks for coffee and tea

Sachin Shetty met local cardiac-surgery nurse Pranami Bordoloi over coffee in the city

Rosalind Malik got work done

... and, Rosalind Malik got play done too

Kartik Pillai thought through, and also tested, his performance rig in advance

Lionel Dentan somehow just plugged a rats-nest of cables into his modular analog audio rig, in the break before his performance

'KD', Karan Gurung, and Readyon Stone Nongrum assembling the set for a performance art piece

Vikramaditya Rathore interned as a production gofer, and also independently managed the screenings-segment Days 1 & 2

Harsha Vardhan Durugadda's final installation, at the KJP Assembly Conference Centre Day 3

Ritika Singh and Tritha Sinha await their turn to set up for their exhilarating performance/s

Hemant Sreekumar setting up to do another one of his hypnotic audio-visual performances, all synthesized live

Zombie section of the audience waiting for things to get going

A section of the audience viewing a performance art piece outside the perrformances venue Day 3

There was no proper seating in some situations

Yvonne Syiem and Damang Syngkon rocking local folk music with their incredible percussion pals

Dhruv Sarker on his passion for playing the drums

The performance art piece by Harsha Vardhan Durugadda and Karan Gurung, towards the beginning

The performance art piece by Harsha Vardhan Durugadda and Karan Gurung, towards the end

Harshvardhan Kadam painting live onto screen, in accompaniment to an original French song by Mathias Durand, with Tritha Sinha and Ritika Singh on backing vocals, Benedict Skhemlang Hynniewta on a bamboo flute, and Damang Syngkon on a big bad local Khasi drum

Sachin Pillai and Shazeb Shaikh projecting manipulated live video to accompany a performance of live audio-synthesis and signal-processing by Lionel Dentan

Lionel Dentan in performance, at his modular hardware rig. He even sang--or mumbled--a bit too

Lueit Parasar Hazarika presented just a very brief recorded piece of experimental music, accompanied with live play of a very funky bamboo reed-instrument

Mathais Durand sharing some of his history, his dreams, and his visions as a full-time musician

Mathias Durand performing one of his original French songs, along with Tritha SInha and Ritika Singh on backing vocals,  Benedict Skhemlang Hynniewta on bamboo flute, and Damang Syngkon on big bad Khasi drum, with Harshvardhan Kadam painting live onto the screen behind them

Mathias Durand lit up in performance by another one of Harshvardhan Kadam's live paintings

  Local cardiac-surgery nurse Pranami Bordoloi discreetly demonstrating how to feed one's nose~;o), during the tea break between performances Day 3

Sachin Pillai shared some of his incredible visual work, ranged from video through live installations, and performance

Sachin Pillai playing a video feedback-loop in accompaniment to his brother Kartik Pillai's live audio performance

CeC 2015 Core-Co-Curator Shazeb Shaikh got stuck into a live-video performance, along with Sachin Pillai, to accompany Lionel Dentan's audio performance

CeC 2015 Curator Shankar Barua was irresponsibly busy trying to learn how to ride a powered-unicycle

Soham Modal getting a bit of email done during set up for the performances

Ritika Singh and Tritha Sinha sharing a bit about the incredible global journey they've been taking their music on over the past several years

Tritha Sinha and Ritika Singh in performance, with reactive live video projected by Soham Sarcar, altogether looking quite startlingly like the picture in the slide projected on the screen in the image directly above this one,... from the day before!

Damang Syngkon and Yvonne Syiem, along with a couple of other members of their band, join Tritha Sinha, Ritika Singh, and Mathias Durand, for an experimental jam

Here's a clue to the weather and the situation

Here's a clue to some of the unexpected attendees

Here's a clue to some of the creative encounters

And then, it all ended with the fantastic chocolate cake baked for all of us by Yvonne Syiem; uninhibitedly gobbled up almost on sight by whosoever was lucky enough to have been there, right in the parking lot of the guesthouse that last magic evening


Support & Thanks

Dr. Joshua Thomas (Director, ICSSR-Nerc), for believing

Mr. Barrie and Damang Syngkon, for providing the PA system Day 3

Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council, for supporting the participation of Lionel Dentan (Da Saz)


The Academy of Electronic Arts (also known as The Academy of Experimental Arts) is a Public Benefit Trust that serves as a learning, sharing, mentoring, networking, benchmarking, empowering and broadly inclusive, but non-educational, institution.

Incident Director, and Managing Trustee of The AeA: Shankar Barua
Core-Co-Curator, and Term Trustee of The AeA: Shazeb Shaikh

Co-Curator, Short-Creative-Videoworks: Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

And, as always,
all possible goodwill, association and support
is invited and welcomed from all quarters.

Please reach out to anybody in The AeA to be involved.

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