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CeC 2013 was part-funded by Public Affairs Management, of New Delhi.

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:::: Some Images ::::
This collection drawn from the pictures shot by
Mayank Khanna, Shazeb Shaikh, Kenneth Newby, Anirban Roy Choudhury, and Akshaya Patwal


Chandan Singh Bora, Bir Ram, and Bhuwan Ram, manifest one of the first local injections into the circus with peformance of a Kumaoni 'jagar', to which Darcy MacMurray does the possession dance, whilst xyz does live video

Arun Mehta in output mode

Arun Mehta in input mode, with Friedrich Glorian looking on

Ameet Singh speaking of using projection to imply shadows

Ashhar Farooqui draws a rats nest of wires down to a point

The weather gods had themselves a bit of a giggle

How d'you like them apples?

A little open collaboration that Shazeb Shaikh got going,
caught near the beginning of a process of morphing and building up
over the full three days

Darcy MacMurray, playing out a cameo choreographed by Jennifer Mascall

Diya Sarker wistfully looks through images of the creative mischief she's been up to, out of sight of everybody else, right through the three days, just before making her presentation, while Gene Kogan sets up behind her, for his performance directly after that

Friedrich Glorian and Shazeb Shaikh join forces to give somebody the ole once-over,
during the meeting of the first morning

Tritha Sinha launches a jazzed up raga riff
in an experimentally collaborative performance with Friedrich Glorian

Freeman Murray introduces the (first?) beautiful pallet-rack design for his new StartupSchool project, in Kochi

Jesse Gotfrit lays down some heavy verse, onto the framework of his father, Martin's, mini acoustic guitar, and his twin brother Noah, on a borrowed bass

Gene Kogan and Sharath Chandra Ram get in some last minute hacking,
and circuit-bending, in preparation for their performance together

Hemant Sreekumar gets on with his usual thing of performing with his back to the audience,
but, Deepak Thapa gets a step ahead of him this time

Dracy MacMurray goes through the motions of another one of Jennifer Mascall's specially choreographed cameos, as Martin Gotfrit lets fly some of the most funky 'beatboxing' (if one can call it that) ever

Jayen Varma shares some raga scales with Noah Gotfrit, in the course of a break

Kenneth Newby manifests a yogic blur, and Aparna Panshikhar a serene blueface,
as Shankar Barua helps set them up to perform, seated upon the stagefloor

Kenneth Newby caught still for a moment

Lionel Dentan tries to remember what goes where just before performing, with his wife Namrata

How Lio gets Namrata to dance to his tune
And, how Namrata gets Lio to play her song

Martin Gotfrit; smooooth guitarist

Mayank Khanna looking through his collection of images

Namrata Pamnani, caught in the act

Gilles Aubry, Marialaura Gidini, and Shalon, shooting the breeze

Patricia Gruben is joined in her presentation by her husband, Martin Gotfrit,
who apparently had four of something going on

Paul Schneiter sometimes seemed to merge into the background

Pankaj Bhakuni sallies a song of his own composition as a part of an injection of local music into the procceedings, with some very clean guitar backing by Puneet Bhatt

Puneet Bhatt speaks of documenting ancient creative practices that are rapidly dying out in the higher Himalaya

One of the two poster designs by Shazeb Shaikh

Looking over Petra Rehwald's shoulder, and her hackbrett, at Paul Schnieter, blurred once again in the background

And, here's Paul Schnieter again, camouflaged this time by projection

Rakesh MPS lofts Darcy MacMurray to live choreography by Sheela Raj

Ritika Singh takes the mic, as Paul Schnieter studiedly stays a bit of a blur

Shankar Barua's olde jalopy finally conked out

Stine Gro demonstrates her DIY macro-projector, with which she actually competed with the main projector on the last evening

Sheela Raj directing dance, live
(Paul Scheiter again blurred in the background, with Vinny Bhagat this time)

Sohan Modak deconstructs the language of genes

Shazeb Shaikh checks out his setup before launching into live video generation, and processing

That white entranceway of the tent, on the right, is what alone got bogged by the rains.
Meanwhile, Bishop's Cottage, at the back, is where the screenings-segment
and the networking zone have traditionally always been

Tritha Sinha manifesting a vague gist of the look of her 'pagli' avatar

Vinny Bhagat setting up his usual two computers,
one for audio synthesis and processing, the other for video synthesis and processing

Vickram Crishna brings up the issues of online privacy

Times of India had something to say about it all, in it's "Kumaon Plus" supplement



:::: Support & Thanks ::::


Supporting Partner
CeC 2012

Public Affairs Management is an independent firm engaged in corporate and institutional diplomacy, global corporate advisory services, and building thought-leadership across a diverse range of stakeholders and individual client mandates, since 1997-- based in New Delhi.
Our business experience and accomplishments range from engaging corporate top-management and community leaders in best business practices and collective-leadership, leveraging strategic associations & partnerships for enriching global exchange of ideas and benchmarking, and knowledge generation to support innovative research --for delivering best rewards to business and society.

:::: Participant Support ::::
Pro Helvetia Arts Council of Switzerland
Bandish School of Music
Shivnakaun Productions
Bidirectional Access Promotion Society
9 Circuits
Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore
Simon Fraser University School for the Contemporary Arts
The Academy of Electronic Arts

:::: Infrastructure Support ::::
Ashim Ghosh
Sattal Estate
Shankar Barua

:::: Thanks also To ::::
Vijay Patni
Shazeb Shaikh
Mayank Khanna


The Academy of Electronic Arts (also known as The Academy of Experimental Arts) is a Public Benefit Trust that serves as a learning, sharing, mentoring, networking, benchmarking, empowering and broadly inclusive, but non-educational, institution.
Incident Director, and Managing Trustee of The AeA: Shankar Barua
Core-Co-Curator, and Term Trustee of The AeA: Shazeb Shaikh

Co-Curator, Short-Creative-Videoworks: Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
Co-Curator, Special Collection: Ima Pico

Visual Documentarist: Mayank Khanna

As always, all possible goodwill, association and support
is invited and welcomed from all quarters.

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