The Academy of Electronic Arts
[also known as The Academy of Experimental Arts]

O V E R V I E W:

The Academy of Electronic Arts is a learning, sharing, mentoring, networking, benchmarking and empowering entity that evolves continuously to inclusively address *all* Experimentally-Creative Practices & Practitioners - whether already existing or as yet inconceivable, whether professional or not so, and whether formally recognized as Art forms and Artists or not so - in service of General Public-Benefit on all sides.

Whereas The AeA was originally set up - and then operated - as a Private Trust through 2005-2017, it is now an entirely private entity, quite clearly distanced from the formal NGO-sector. In fact, The AeA was never ever represented itself as a Not-for-Profit Public Trust, and, never ever sought - or offered - tax exemptions of any sort from - or to - any quarter.


Exploring the Edge
EtE 2018

Carnivals of e-Creativity
CeC 2016
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S. Korea Roadshow ~ 2014
S. Korea to NE ~ 2013

Research & Innovation Ashrams
Original Concept-Paper


EdgeLogue 2010
The Idea of The IDEA, 2006

The IDEA 2000-'05

mail address: B-5&6/4563 Vasant Kunj,. New Delhi - 110 070 (INDIA)